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TRex release notes

Release 2.56

  • fix basic crash with GUI due to multi profile support github-221

Release 2.55

Minor version

Fixed issues:

  • fix support ```--unbind-unused-ports```

  • fix astf maximum number of flows github-223

Release 2.54

  • STL

    • Multi-Rx queue support flow stats/latency using software

    • Supporting dynamic add/remove multiple profiles (major change). It is the first phase contributed by Ericsson

    • Push API: add the ability to take the src/dst MAC from the pcap file

  • Napatech: Added support for new NICs

  • Support 1GB huge page

  • Add support ```--unbind-unused-ports``` to

Fixed issues:

  • Do not invalidate dest MAC in case of L2 mode (CSIT)

  • Fix Mellanox ASTF UDP drop see trex-522

  • Virtual interfaces: Ability to fix TCP/UDP using software (default)

  • ZMQ move to v4.3.1 to fix heartbeat bug

  • mlx5: Support dot1q add/remove

  • Packet captured twice in ASTF

  • Fix DHCP service example (REQ was sent with unicast)

Release 2.53

  • Fix STL Console issue

Release 2.52

  • ASTF

  • Update documentation for Topology module

  • Namespace: Fix multicast performance issue

Release 2.51

  • Minor fixes for namespaces feature

Release 2.50


    • L2 emulation (IPv4,IPv6,Dot1q,QinQ) API using Linux network namespace. This works for STL and ASTF see name space for more info

  • Maximum of 24 ports (instead of 16)

  • STL, supports VxLAN hardware counters for XL710/X710

    • Stream config.
      (Add flow stats "magic" to inner layers of VXLAN stream)

      pkt = Ether()/IP()/UDP(dport=4789)/VXLAN()/Ether()/IP()/...
      stream = STLStream(
              packet = STLPktBuilder(pkt = pkt),
              flow_stats = STLFlowStats(pg_id = id, vxlan = True))
    • TRex port config.
      (TRex will look for flow stats magic in layers after VXLAN for one ore more given UDP ports)

      trex> portattr --vxlan 4789 4777
    • Use-cases.
      (TRex ↔ Network ↔ TRex):

      • Network strips VXLAN:
        Need to configure stream (vxlan = True)

      • Network adds VXLAN:
        Need to configure TRex port (portattr --vxlan …)

      • Network replaces VXLAN (strips current and adds new):
        Need to configure both stream and TRex port

Release 2.49

  • STL

  • ASTF interactive - add support for topology interactive_mode

  • ZMQ: enable hearbeat. This is good for situations that the client and server are remote (e.g. The server at the lab and client GUI at DC) and a firewall betwean them drop the connection after a long time without keepalive. Another side feature is the ability to set the time-out of the connection for remote connection.

Release 2.48

  • ASTF interactive vlan dynamic change fix (vlan per port was configured only from trex_cfg.yaml)

  • STL mode with old GUI fix.

Release 2.47

  • ASTF: supports interactive framework like STL. common features are:

    • L2 emulation (arp/ipv6/l3/ping/vlan/scan6 etc)

    • Port management (e.g. link attribute)

    • Network namespace

    • Capture/service mode

    • Plugin services

    • Console/TUI/API

    • Not supported yet: cluster mode

  • The ASTF batch mode is planned to be deprecated

Start ASTF in interactive mode
sudo ./t-rex-64 -i --astf
./trex-console -s [server-ip]
From Console
trex>start -f astf/ -m 1000 -d 1000 -l 1000
trex>[press] t/l for astf statistics and latency

Fixed issues:

Release 2.46

  • ASTF: add per_core_distribution field see per_core_distribution

  • Extend astf-sim to replay pcap file for STF mode github-256

  • Amazon DPDK ENA driver fix

  • Stateless GUI can build trex_cfg.yaml file

  • Support Python ZMQ 32bit binding for x86-32bit platforms

  • fix scapy igmp3 for python-3

  • eWLC plugin for AP scale tests

Release 2.45

  • Upgrade to DPDK 18.08

  • Latency dummy stream does not consume pgid

  • Server/Python client use the same C-ZMQ share object.

  • Simplified Python ZMQ binding

  • Speedup service mode using server side ZMQ IPC

Release 2.44

  • Upgrade to DPDK 18.05

  • Stateless: allow "start" when port is unresolved and all streams have explicit dest MAC.

  • mlx5 can compile with Ubuntu distro

Fixed issues:

Release 2.43

  • Client Python library consolidation STL/ASTF

    • New code should use:

      from trex.stl.api import *
    • For backward compatability old code still works:

      from trex_stl_lib.api import *
    • Interactive ASTF connects to the console, sending traffic/collecting stats via new lib is WIP.

  • Mellanox with OFED 4.3.1 offers newer FW with significantly better RX speed (due to faster dropping).
    Bidirectional 64B packets RX is ~132MPPS from 2 ports (compared to ~38MPPS with older OFED/FW)

  • TODO: describe FE instruction "list"

Release 2.41

  • ASTF

    • Add support for non-blocking send, for better eflow performance (30Gb/sec per one flow) see profile

    • Fix TCP fast recovery. dupack counter wasn’t cleard

  • minor bug fixes

Release 2.41

  • ASTF

    • Add support for non-blocking send, for better eflow performance (30Gb/sec per one flow) see profile

    • Fix TCP fast recovery. dupack counter wasn’t cleard

  • minor bug fixes

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