TRex Stateless Python API

TRex is a traffic generator

This site covers the Python API of TRex and explains how to utilize it to your needs. To understand the entirely how the API works and how to set up the server side, check out the trex-core Wiki under the documentation section of TRex website.

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How to Install

TRex package contains trex_client.tar.gz
Put it at any place you like, preferably same place as your scripts.
(If it’s not at same place as your scripts, you will need to ensure trex_client directory is in sys.path)

Un-pack it using command:

tar -xzf trex_client.tar.gz

How to use

The client assumes server is running.
After un-tarring the client package, you can verify basic tests in examples directory out of the box:
cd trex_client/stl/examples
python -s <server address>

You can verify that the traffic was sent and arrives properly if you see something like this::

Mapped ports to sides [0, 2] <--> [1, 3]
Injecting [0, 2] <--> [1, 3] on total rate of '30%' for 10 seconds

Packets injected from [0, 2]: 473,856
Packets injected from [1, 3]: 473,856

packets lost from [0, 2] --> [0, 2]:   0 pkts
packets lost from [1, 3] --> [1, 3]:   0 pkts

Test has passed :-)

Also, in the stl folder there are directories with profiles that define streams and the console (with which you can easily send the profiles)

How to pyATS

pyATS Compatibility

TRex supports both Python2 and Python3 pyATS.

  • Install python2/python3 pyats

    /auto/pyats/bin/pyats-install –python2 /auto/pyats/bin/pyats-install –python3

  • setenv TREX_PATH to the trex stateless lib path

    setenv TREX_PATH <your path>/automation/trex_control_plane/interactive/trex/stl

  • In the script or job file, add the TREX_PATH to sys.path:

    import sys, os; sys.path.append(os.environ['TREX_PATH'])
  • Source trex stateless libs in scripts:

    from trex.stl.api import *
    from scapy.contrib.mpls import *
    from trex.stl.trex_stl_hltapi import *

If using trex_client package, import syntax is:

from trex_client.stl.api import *

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