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TRex release notes

Release 2.49

  • STL

  • ASTF interactive - add support for topology interactive_mode

  • ZMQ: enable hearbeat. This is good for situations that the client and server are remote (e.g. The server at the lab and client GUI at DC) and a firewall betwean them drop the connection after a long time without keepalive. Another side feature is the ability to set the time-out of the connection for remote connection.

Release 2.48

  • ASTF interactive vlan dynamic change fix (vlan per port was configured only from trex_cfg.yaml)

  • STL mode with old GUI fix.

Release 2.47

  • ASTF: supports interactive framework like STL. common features are:

    • L2 emulation (arp/ipv6/l3/ping/vlan/scan6 etc)

    • Port management (e.g. link attribute)

    • Network namespace

    • Capture/service mode

    • Plugin services

    • Console/TUI/API

    • Not supported yet: cluster mode

  • The ASTF batch mode is planned to be deprecated

Start ASTF in interactive mode
sudo ./t-rex-64 -i --astf
./trex-console -s [server-ip]
From Console
trex>start -f astf/ -m 1000 -d 1000 -l 1000
trex>[press] t/l for astf statistics and latency

Fixed issues:

Release 2.46

  • ASTF: add per_core_distribution field see per_core_distribution

  • Extend astf-sim to replay pcap file for STF mode github-256

  • Amazon DPDK ENA driver fix

  • Stateless GUI can build trex_cfg.yaml file

  • Support Python ZMQ 32bit binding for x86-32bit platforms

  • fix scapy igmp3 for python-3

  • eWLC plugin for AP scale tests

Release 2.45

  • Upgrade to DPDK 18.08

  • Latency dummy stream does not consume pgid

  • Server/Python client use the same C-ZMQ share object.

  • Simplified Python ZMQ binding

  • Speedup service mode using server side ZMQ IPC

Release 2.44

  • Upgrade to DPDK 18.05

  • Stateless: allow "start" when port is unresolved and all streams have explicit dest MAC.

  • mlx5 can compile with Ubuntu distro

Fixed issues:

Release 2.43

  • Client Python library consolidation STL/ASTF

    • New code should use:

      from trex.stl.api import *
    • For backward compatability old code still works:

      from trex_stl_lib.api import *
    • Interactive ASTF connects to the console, sending traffic/collecting stats via new lib is WIP.

  • Mellanox with OFED 4.3.1 offers newer FW with significantly better RX speed (due to faster dropping).
    Bidirectional 64B packets RX is ~132MPPS from 2 ports (compared to ~38MPPS with older OFED/FW)

  • TODO: describe FE instruction "list"

Release 2.41

  • ASTF

    • Add support for non-blocking send, for better eflow performance (30Gb/sec per one flow) see profile

    • Fix TCP fast recovery. dupack counter wasn’t cleard

  • minor bug fixes

Release 2.41

  • ASTF

    • Add support for non-blocking send, for better eflow performance (30Gb/sec per one flow) see profile

    • Fix TCP fast recovery. dupack counter wasn’t cleard

  • minor bug fixes

Release 2.40

  • Search for Python2/3 in start-up scripts

  • Add Amazon ENA DPDK driver - there are reports that the performance is not that good.

  • Fix STL Console history issue

  • ARM compilation issue fix (BPF)

  • Add ASTF example profiles (e.g elephant flow)

Fixed issues:

Release 2.39

  • ASTF multi-core support see astf can reach 200gb/sec with TCP/UDP stack

Fixed issues:

Release 2.38

  • Dummy port support. (more info in manual)
    They can solve 2 issues:

    • Odd number of interfaces (e.g. single port)

    • Performance degradation when adjacent interfaces belong to different NUMAs.

  • Advance Stateful (ASTF)

    • Support L7 emulation on top of UDP (e.g. DNS/RTP Video)

    • Faster script to convert to JSON (Scapy→dpkt)

  • Napatech benchmark on UCS240 napatech_benchmark

Fixed issues:

Release 2.37

  • Low footprint support. Resource require with this mode 1 thread and ~500MB RAM. More info in manual

  • Option to work with Linux interfaces (raw socket mode,--vdev/af_packet). More info in manual


 - port_limit    : 2
   version       : 2
   low_end       : true                 #1
   interfaces    : ["veth0", "veth1"]   #2
   port_info     :  # set eh mac addr
                 - ip         :
                   default_gw :
                 - ip         :
                   default_gw :
1 low footprint
2 Linux interfaces
  • Above options introduced for supporting Cisco VIRL and Cisco IOx.

  • Docker hub image for simple tutorials using veth/low footprint Docker

  • ARM build support (works with virio for now)

  • ASTF, simulator can have -e option to debug the emulation layer

Release 2.36

  • ASTF

    • Remove ASTFTCPInfo object from the profile (NOT backward compatible)

    • Add support for scheduler.rampup_sec tunable

    • Add support for scheduler.accurate tunable - accurate traffic generation for low rates(<20gbps) important for ASA

    • Add --lro-disable CLI

    • Add profiles that are Spirent compatible

  • ASTF/STF - add promiscuous mode using "--prom" CLI

  • Support CX-3 Mellanox cards

  • Update Napatech driver

  • STL

    • HLTAPI bug fixes

    • fix XL710 VF counters crash

    • Add IPV6 ND service

Fixed issues:

Release 2.35

  • ASTF L7 emulation enhancements.

    • Ability to control the L7 application with more commands (e.g. random delay in the server,elephant flow, syn-ack-rst flow) see l7-emulation-example and l7-program

    • Ability to limit the total number of generated flows using limit directive. For example, to create a limited number of elephant flows.

    • profile-tunable: ability to tune the profile using key-val input see link: trex_astf.html#_tutorial_profile_cli_tunable[l7-cli-tunable]

    • Refactor the code for ASTF interactive support

    • Fix TCP crash in case of corrupted packet

  • Napatech support for DPDK 17.11

  • Stateless, Fix ipv6.scan6 crash in case of "ff02::1" addr (VPP use case)

Release 2.34

  • Mellanox Cx-4/5

  • Stateless

  • Advance Stateful - add client cluster mode support

Fixed issues:

Release 2.33

  • Upgrade to DPDK 17.11

    • Better XXV710 support

    • Mellanox CX-4/CX-5 big performance improvement (CX-5, Tx=149MPPS/Rx=120MPPS at 64B).

    • A small degradation in XL710 Stateless performance

Warning For Mellanox CX-5/4 there is a need to upgrade the distro to CentOs 7.4 and OFED to 4.2.1. This new OFED version does not work with older TRex versions see ofed upgrade procedure

Known issues:

  • Mellanox CX-4/CX-5 stability issues see trex-507

Release 2.32

  • Advance Stateful (ASTF)

    • Tunables support. Tunables is a mechanism to tune the behavior of ASTF traffic profile see here tunables

    • Cisco VIC support TSO now

  • Support gcc 7.x/6.x and sanitizer

  • Stateless

    • Improve performance (mbuf-refcnt locality)

Release 2.31

  • Stateless

    • Console - added option to save loaded streams as Python profile (stream command from the Console)

    • Console - ability to load JSON/YAML from start command (e.g. start -f stl/gui_example.yaml -m 100kpps --port 0)

  • TCP some performance improvements (up to 5MPPS/core)

    • Tune TCP timers for traffic generation case (e.g. 2MSL/keepalive is shorter)

    • Add support to RFC6928 (add support for initwnd and set it by default to 10). A way to tune all the TCP parameters (including this one) will be given from the traffic profile.

    • Protect TRex ASTF resource (e.g. overflow in active flows)

    • General hardening

    • Support client or server mode see client_server_only_mode

  • Refactor the code to support ASTF in interactive mode (both STL and STF will work with the same RPC framework)

  • Increase the TX queue for all drivers by default - less probability for queue_full in high rates

Release 2.30

  • Advance Stateful (ASTF) with scalable TCP support

    • Support all SFR profile with TCP flows

    • Mellanox driver issue workaround see here trex-481

    • Hardening

    • Add full simulation support using ./astf-sim --full see here ASTF mode

  • Wireless AP/Station emulation plugin for WLC testing.

    • Improve performance considerably

    • Update documentation WLC

  • Support Napatech NIC (100Gb@64B line-rate)

  • Stateless

    • Full Stream object are return from the client

    • Old YAML profile support was removed

Release 2.29

  • Preliminary version with Advance Stateful (ASTF) with scalable TCP support see here ASTF mode

  • Wireless AP/Station emulation plugin for WLC testing see WLC

  • General

    • IPv4 software checksum was wrong for 0.01% of the cases - found by CSIT group

Release 2.28

  • Cisco FirePOWER/ASA Stateful friendly

    • Fix TCP/UDP by default in case DPDK driver support it (--checksum-offload is deprecated, new switch to disable this)

    • start client source port is random- better distribution to queues

    • Stateful performance degradation 5-9% due to checksum offload

  • Stateless

    • Add capture mode information in JSON

    • Fix behaviour of clear_flow_stats and clear_latency_stats args in stateless clear_stats API

    • BPF-JIT filter support for traffic capture

    • services are using BPF filter for better performance

    • Report 0 rate immediately after stopping the flow stat stream

    • Fix HLTAPI per-stream stats (keys of line utilization in pg_id stats got removed)

    • Add openssl share object for DTLS/CAPWAP services

  • General

    • Fix fails with Python 3

    • Fix latency in case cluster configuration

Release 2.27

  • Support 802.1Q and 802.1AD (QinQ) for Stateless services and port config see l3 configuration with vlan and example

  • Remove async RPC flow-stats support. Only new sync RPC API is supported from this version. The implication is that only new GUI version (>v3.2 will work)

    • refactor Python client side and fix some multi-user crash/bugs

Warning Only GUI with version greater than v3. 2 will work with this version

Release 2.26

  • get_pgid RPC command - change the JSON format. v2.25 client will not work with v2.26 server. Done for better JSON compatibility

Release 2.25

  • Added new stateless Python API, "get_pgid_stats". New API brings flow statistics and latency info for given list of packet group IDs by doing synchronous call to the server. This is opposed to the old API "get_stats" which brings information saved in the client, and updated every 0.5 second by asynchronous message from the server. This way, we can scale the number of pgids and the client can consume only the information it really needs, when it needs it, so statistics for more flows can be supported. Notice that in some future release, pgid info will not be supported using the old "get_stats" any more. Example for using the new API can be found in

Warning In some future release, per stream statistics will not be reported using the old get_stats API due to scale issue, please move to the new API
  • Fix mlx5 driver crash/corruption (bug exits from version v2.18)

  • Fix Python client race condition in case of fast connect/disconnect

  • Remove Enum from Python packages for Python 3.5 backward compatibility

  • Preliminary RFC 2544 example

Release 2.24

  • Add support for Mellanox CX-3 VF

  • Better way to map DPDK ports to TRex ports

* In order
  interfaces    : ["03:00.0","03:00.1","82:00.0","82:00.1"]

* Out order
  interfaces    : ["03:00.1","03:00.0","82:00.1","82:00.0"]

* Out order
  interfaces    : ["03:00.1","82:00.0"]

*  CX3 example : each PCI has 2 ports /1 is sub interface
  interfaces    : ["03:00.0/1","03:00.0/0"]
  • L2 emulation plugins framework see here services framework example for DHCP/ARP/ICMP

  • 2K mbuf in Rx side -→ less memory is needed

  • Fix Docker uid issue

  • Better errors in case of slow RTC network

Release 2.23

  • Support up to 1023 per stream statistics ids in software mode and with mlx5 driver

  • Service mode works better with multi-user

  • i40e - disable LLDP

Fixed issues:

Release 2.22

  • hotfix for software mode

Release 2.21

  • New command line arguments. --no-hw-flow-stat, and --software, for changing behavior of stateless per stream flow statistics and latency features. See detail here.

  • Support for QinQ packets in stateless per port statistics (if using new --software command line arg).

  • Support for all types of VIC cards (including ones will old firmware), using --software. Since we do not have all cards in our lab, we could not test all of them. Will be glad for feedback on this (good or bad).

  • GUI : packet builder scapy server fix for cases of packets with variable length fields (e.g. DNS)

  • ConnectX-4/5 support VF mode

  • Stateless STLVmFlowVarRepeatableRandom instruction - fix typo, add another instruction with the right name

  • Support vfio-pci in case it exists in the kernel (instead of igb_uio) to support Docker container without the need to compile the kernel module

  • Capture TRex internal generated packets (e.g. ARP/Ping)

  • Support older Linux distribution for Python Client code (ZMQ share object can be loaded on older machine)

  • Performance trend report information is taken from ElasticSearch instead of Google analytics

Release 2.20

  • hotfix release add mlx-dpdk share objects to the package

Release 2.19

  • mlx5 dpdk driver works only with OFED 4.0 (OFED 3.4 will not be supported)

    • ConnectX-5 should work now

  • VirtualBox with E1000 (Our Tutorial OVA) get latency packets correctly

  • fix NAT randomization mode

  • Ability to build without mlx5-dpdk driver using ./configure --no-mlx

  • RX thread CPU% is not 100% all the time from this version

  • Better handling of latency packets (case of fast start/stop)

Fixed issues:

Warning you must upgrade to OFED 4.0 even with ConnectX-4 cards

Release 2.18

  • DPDK 17.02

    • Should supports ConnectX-5 but has an OFED issue see trex-353

    • ixgbe SR-IOV works

  • Ability to add VLAN per direction vlan_dot1q_support

  • Stateless packet capture - ability to capture tx side

  • mlx5 dpdk driver is share object. Reduce image OFED libs dependency

Fixed issues:

Release 2.17

  • hotfix release

Fixed issues:

Release 2.16

  • IPv6 console basic support (ipv6):

    • scan6 function to search for IPv6-enabled neighbors

    • ping can be used with IPv6 addresses to ping nearby devices

  • Stateless Rx capturing mode support capturing

  • Stateless support functional testing / send packet /expect RX packet etc functional

Video Tutorials (Beta) :

Our first video tutorial on YouTube:

The Tutorial shows a little bit of our new packet capture ability which was released on v2.16

Fixed issues:

Release 2.15

  • XL710/X710 VF (SR-IOV) mode works better

  • 599 VF mode is not supported

Fixed issues:

Release 2.14

  • Another performance improvement in Stateful case with high active flows. There is less burstiness

  • Scapy server - warning in case of permissions errors

  • Maximum supported ports are 16 (instead of 12)

  • ConnectX-4 DPDK driver is based on 16.11 (from 16.07) - better performance is some cases

  • Early support for Intel XL710/X710/599 VF support sr_iov

  • Fix Cluster mode breakage (v2.12-v2.13)

  • Stateless GUI v3.0 works with this version

Release 2.13

  • Significantly improve performance and scale for stateful case with high active flows (70%-300% better) see here More active flows

  • Stateful with low active repeatable flows - an optimization was removed, for example cap2/imix_fast_1g.yaml. users that want to get this in high performance are adviced to move to Stateles mode. Removing this support improved the common case.

  • Support NAT without IPv4.option and UDP flows- for ASA trex-274

  • Scapy server is restart automatically - for future Stateless GUI trex-291

  • Add minimum ipg for remote pcap trex-281

  • Console port commands works on VIC and ConnectX-4

  • RPC API version is 3.0 - New stateless GUI is required

Release 2.12

  • Improve support for Mellanox ConnectX-4 cards (100/50/25GbE)

    • Only CentOs/RedHat 7.2 and up is supported due to OFED issues

    • Improve 64Byte Stateleess performance

  • Cisco VIC is fully supported

  • Stateless L2/L3 configuration mode for ports - Port Layer Mode Configuration

  • Stateless neighboring protocols infra and first protocols support/Python API - Neighboring Protocols

  • Stateful - ARP support for Client clustering mode (a.k.a APIC-EM) see here Client Clustering

  • Added Stateless performance trend document trex performance trend


Change of behavior - trex config file (/trex/cfg.yaml) should include a distinct MAC address or distinct IP address. Not setting the port information : before v2.12 : src MAC addr == 00:00:00:01:00:00 v2.12 and up : src MAC addr == HW MAC address

Release 2.11

  • Early support for Mellanox ConnectX-4 cards (100/50/25GbE) - based on contributions from Mellanox DPDK team see here for more info Mellanox ConnectX-4 Support

  • Add support for Cisco VIC 1300 series adapter (40GbE)- based on Cisco VIC DPDK team see Cisco VIC Support

Release 2.10

  • Added support for IP based configuration files (As opposed to MAC based used until now), with the ability of TRex to send ARP requests for default gateway, and gratitues ARP for its own addresses. See here and here for details.

  • Added commands/API to Stateless client/console:

    • Getting extended counters of port for improved debug purposes. See example: stats

    • Changing of port attributes and getting async feedback on the changed status. See example: portattr

  • For developers - added/updated RPC commands (which can be used for GUI etc.):

Fixed issues:

Release 2.09

Release 2.08

  • Scapy JSON-RPC server for GUI packet crafting, see trex_scapy_rpc_server

  • Client.start Python API supports Core mask - significantly improve the Stateless performance. start API, and core_masking

  • Upgrade the ./ script. It simplifies the way to create first time optimized config file (/etc/trex_cfg.yaml). More info at the manual: Script for creating config file

[bash]>sudo ./ -t            # show the list of ports
[bash]>sudo ./ -l            # return DPDK interfaces to Linux (if there is proper Linux driver)
[bash]>sudo ./ -i            # interactive creation of config file
[bash]>sudo ./ -c 03:00.0 03:00.1 -o /etc/trex_cfg.yaml # create optimum /etc/trex_cfg.yaml file
  • Preliminary Cisco VIC support. Advanced Stateless/Stateful functionality is still not supported.

  • Enforce latest firmware for XL710/X710 (5.04)

  • Add a way to stop/close NICS at TRex termination (link would be down) -close-at-end

  • IPv6 XL710 ICMP packets are supported now

Fixed issues:

Release 2.07

  • DPDK 16.07

  • ASYNC ZMQ is compressed by default. It improves response time see trex-232

    • You will need to update the GUI

  • Support Ubuntu 16.01 - Stateful serverr is Python 3.0 and Python 3.5 for ZMQ library

  • XL710/X710 low latency was improved - see trex-214

  • Support graceful shutdown command

  • Console - support L1 BPS using -m 10bpsl1 see trex-230

  • Improve TUI refresh time

  • Support IPV6 latency streams (support is available for all interface types except 82599) see IPV6 latency


For XL710/X710 there is a need to upgrade the firmware to 5.04 (or later)

Release 2.06

  • Support APIC-EM scale Stateful VLAN/IP/MAC mapping.

  • TCP SYN Randomization learning support for advanced ASA stateful testing - here and here

  • Advanced to latest DPDK 16.07RC3 - fix some XL710 driver performance issues

Fixed issues:

Release 2.05

Release 2.04

  • Watchdog support

  • Ability to export core file

  • Optimized the case of Latency stream, Field Engine and 9K template packets

Fixed issues:

  • XL710/X710 present high latency with 9K packets trex-214

  • The latency seq number gets out of sync trex-215

  • Port/Latency stats should be with FCS trex-213

  • Stateless Unicode is not accepted for multiplier API see github-issue15

Release 2.03

  • More accurate stateless latency/more TUI support

  • Speedup DPDK XL710 fdir driver

Fixed issues:

Release 2.02

  • The python latency statistic is compatible to JSON for easy manipulation

  • Add latency minimum value Python API taken from histogram

Fixed issues:

  • Fix corruption of mbuf in case of with high rate latency stream.

Release 2.01

  • First release of latency/jitter per stream see here

  • Ability to send server side pcap file - unlimited pcap file size see here and PCAP tutorial

  • Significatly improve performance for both Stateful and Stateless - in some cases up to x2 due to Scheduler/CPU utilization rewrite

  • CPU utilization estimation is done differently

  • Ability to significatly improve performance for Stateless profile with Field engine (up to x5, 22MPPS) see here

  • Add documentation index index

  • Fix documentation Table of Content javascript

  • Update Stateless presentation Statelss presenation

  • Stateful Python server API - Add support for iterator of remote file for Stateful GUI

Fixed issues:

  • Performance issue, trex-207

  • Sporadic timeout on wait_on_traffic() API see trex-209

Release 2.00

  • Console

    • Support partial port acquire using new CLI switch -a ACQUIRE (first phase)

    • Add tx/rx graphs

  • Python API: add an API for reading events as warning/errors

  • HLTAPI support for per stream stats

  • support VALN mode for per stream stats for 82599 using --vlan switch at server invocation

  • A peek into TRex stateless GUI version for evaluation still without many features like packet builder, advance packet builder, per stream stats TRex Stateless GUI Download

    • Only pcap file packet builder is supported in this version

Figure 1. TRex Stateless GUI

Fixed issues:

  • X710/XL710 per stream hardware stats

    • trex-199

    • Fix issue of RX bytes

    • Fix issue with mbuf leak

  • Packet Memory shortage fix trex-197

  • Python Examples - move all examples to be 16.0.0.x/48.0.0.x for some refactor

Release 1.99

  • The Client package includes Console/examples

  • Client API verification mechanism. The client should match the server version range

Fixed issues:

  • trex-193

  • Python2/Python3 client API hardening

  • Per stream statistics in software hardening - add support for wait on rx packets

Release 1.98

  • Minor Console issue

  • Image is broken see trex-193

Release 1.97

  • Support pyATS with Python 3/32bit

  • Per stream statistic supported by software for I350/82559/VXNET3

  • Image is broken see trex-193

Release 1.96

  • Support pyATS/32bit/Python2.x for TCL

  • Traffic profile direction/port directive works see here

  • Documentation

Fixed issues:

  • Per stream statistic - Fix High speed of start/stop of giving zero in statistics

  • Fix E1000 DPDK driver prints with ESXi

Release 1.95

  • TUI support per stream stats (press s to get to this window)

  • per stream statistic API examples

  • Add Python API automatic documentation scripts

  • Fix issue with a packet smaller than 64 bytes

Known issue

  • High speed of start/stop of per stream stats give zero in statistics

Release 1.94

  • Fix Python API stop/sync issue. Now TX counters are synced in case of stop API

  • Improve performance of Python API, ~2000 cycles/sec of load/start/stop

  • Add per stream Tx/Rx statistics for XL710/X710 NICS work in flow-director hardware

class STLS1(object):

    def get_streams (self, direction = 0):
        return [STLStream(packet =
                          pkt ="stl/yaml/udp_64B_no_crc.pcap"),
                          mode = STLTXCont(pps=10),
                          rx_stats = STLRxStats(user_id = 7))   1
1 Configure this stream to be count on all RX ports as user_id=7
  • Add HTLAPI full example (examples examples/

  • Add user manual draft for Stateless functionality here

Release 1.93

  • Support port attribute API and Console command. See $portattr -a --prom

  • Support random seed per Stream attribute - see specification for more info

  • Add more sample/profiles (stl/hlt) from real use cases

  • Enhance Field Engine with new instructions

  • TUI now shows L1 and L2 bandwidth. Console support L1 and L2 and %%

  • Stream rate can be configured with PPS/bps_L1/bps_L2/port_percentage

  • Update Stateless JSON-RPC specification

  • HLT fixes and support split_by variable

  • First phase of per stream rx/tx statistic - XL710/X710 hardware support

Fixed issues:

  • Fix some typo in Python API stl/example folder

  • Fix Field Engine IPv4 checksum issue with big packet size

  • Fix Field Engine issue with random variables

  • Fix streams -a crash

  • Fix X710 issue. Now return speed of 10gb instead of 40gb for Stateless port speed

Release 1.92

  • Stream can set static Source/Destination MAC-Address as oppose to the default (TRex port from /etc/trex_config.yaml)

def create_stream (self):
 base_pkt =  Ether(src="00:00:dd:dd:00:01")/IP()/UDP()
 pad = max(0, size - len(base_pkt)) * 'x'
  • Stream support action_count. Loop of streams can end after action_count number. The push command uses this new feature to import pcap to streams and stop after x iteration.

STLStream(  self_start = False,
            name   ='S2',
            packet = STLPktBuilder(pkt = base_pkt2/pad),
            mode = STLTXSingleBurst( pps = 10, total_pkts = 3 ),
            action_count = 2, # loop 2 times
            next    = 'S0'
  • Support new Field-Engine instructions (variable with step and write with mask). See new sample folder and specification for more info

def create_stream (self):

    # 2 MPLS label the internal with  s=1 (last one)
    pkt =  Ether()/MPLS(label=17,cos=1,s=0,ttl=255)/MPLS(label=0,cos=1,s=1,ttl=12)/IP()/UDP()/('x'*20)

    vm = CTRexScRaw( [ STLVmFlowVar(name="mlabel", min_value=1, max_value=2000, size=2, op="inc"),
                       STLVmWrMaskFlowVar(fv_name="mlabel", pkt_offset= "MPLS:1.label",pkt_cast_size=4, mask=0xFFFFF000,shift=12) # write mask
 vm = CTRexScRaw( [ STLVmFlowVar(name="mac_src", min_value=1, max_value=30, size=1, op="dec",step=7), # step
                STLVmWrFlowVar(fv_name="mac_src", pkt_offset= 11)
  • More profile samples (native/hlt)

Release 1.91

  • Convert Stateless traffic profile to Scapy see stl/*.py sample folder

  • Add HLTAPI tests and profile stl/hlt/*.py

  • Fix simulator path issue fix

  • The Stateless python library is not self-contained. in automation/trex_control_plane/stl/ library is automation/trex_control_plane/stl/trex_stl_lib/ (import trex_stl_lib)

How to run the simulator

./stl-sim -f stl/ -o b.pcap -l 100 -c 2
  • Add push command to convert pcap to streams

TRex > push --help
usage: push [-h] -f FILE [--port PORTS [PORTS ...] | -a] [-d TIME]
            [-i IPG_USEC] [-s SPEEDUP] [--force]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f FILE               File path to load
  --port PORTS [PORTS ...]
                        A list of ports on which to apply the command
  -a                    Set this flag to apply the command on all available
  -d TIME               Set duration time for job.
  -i IPG_USEC, --ipg IPG_USEC
                        IPG value in usec between packets. default will be
                        from the pcap
  -s SPEEDUP, --speedup SPEEDUP
                        Factor to accelerate the injection. effectively means
                        IPG = IPG / SPEEDUP
  --force               Set if you want to stop active ports before appyling
TRex >push -f cap2/dns.pcap  --port 0 -i 10

Release 1.90

  • Missing file in the pkg

Release 1.89

  • Integrate Scapy as a packet builder see stl/profiles folder

  • Improve Python API, samples can be seen here

  • Add Stateless simulator into the package

Example how to run

./stl-sim -f stl/profiles/ -l 10 -o a.pcap            #1
./stl-sim -f stl/profiles/ -l 20 -o a.pcap  #2
./stl-sim -f stl/profiles/ -l 100 -o a.pcap  --json       #3
1 Limit the number of packets to 10
2 Tuple generator example
3 imix

The simulator takes Stateless profile,YAML or Py and output pcap file or json

  • Console can load the new Python profile

TRex > start -f stl/profiles/ -a -m 1mbps
  • Basic Python HLTAPI support

Fixed issues:

  • Dependent streams (e.g. stl/burst_1000_pkt.yaml) can be loaded

Release 1.88

  • Add the Python API to the package

  • Remove mock support

Release 1.87

  • Fix some 82599 ierror in case of high rate

  • First Stateless API examples under api folder (not part of the package)

Release 1.86

  • NAT Cisco ASA support

    • Add support for learning using TCP-ACK field see more here here and here

  • More stateless support

Release 1.85

  • Upgrade to DPDK 2.2.0

    • Some XL710/X710 NIC phy issues solved

    • VMXNET3 driver is optimized

    • Cisco VIC should be supported, not tested yet

  • Jumbo packet size is supported for 1/10/40 Intel NIC up to 9K for both stateless and stateful

  • youTrack is public now, can be seen here here

  • More stateless support

    • Support random packet size trim instruction - see stl/udp_rand_size_9k.yaml for an example

    • Move Python Regression to trex-core

    • Add Coverity scripts

    • Console/Python API can be call from Cisco CEL now (ZMQ Python library is compiled to an old glibc)

    • Add simulator for stateless

Fixed issues:

  • The infamous DPDK error is not seen in case of a wrong core argument see here trex-147

Release 1.84

  • more stateless support

    • Add splitter range support see "split_by_var" in style/imix_1pkt_vm. yaml

    • Add more samples see stl/syn_attack_sample.yaml. Improve random performance

    • more improvement with TUI window

Release 1.83

  • more stateless support

    • Add basic Packet Field engine see stl/imin_1pkt_vm.yaml

    • some improvement with TUI window. Can be run in parallel with --tui option

Release 1.82

  • more stateless support

    • console stats/tui function works now

    • R/W support. only one client has R/W capability

  • XL710/X710 support ICMP filter

Fixed issues:

Release 1.81

  • more stateless support and fixes

    • change the JSON-RPC result format

  • Support for specifying different modes for the packets used for latency measurement. Details here.

Fixed issues:

Release 1.80

  • more stateless support

    • All type of streams are supported (Continues/Burst/Multi-burst)

    • Stream can call to other streams

    • start/stop/pause/resume work from the Console

    • -m[rate] is supported for example -m10gbps or -m10kpps from console

    • update XL710 installation support

Release 1.79

  • Initial support for stateless

    • Only continues streams are supported

    • more info how to enable the interactive shell here

Release 1.78

  • some clean up in tuple generator

  • trex stateles console works with trex-mock

Fixed issues:

Python API fixup see here

Check for 64bit Kernel

Release 1.77

  • improve tuple generator capability now it is more flexiable see more here

Release 1.76

Fixed issues:

  • minor pcap loader issues

  • plugin cleanup

Release 1.75

fix issues:

  • First version that works from GitHub/Git - init script are in the output package

Release 1.72