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Learning Session, 45min DevNet youTube


Stateful DPDK

Stateless support

User Guides

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Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Guide

Release Notes

Stateful Manual and Getting Started

Stateless Manual

Advanced Stateful Manual

Tutorial TRex on VirtualBox

Cisco Devnet SandBox

Python Automation API

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Stateless Python automation API

Stateful Python automation API

Advanced Stateful Python automation API

Stateful API tutorial

Stateless API tutorial

See Stateless Manual


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Defect manager

Release pkgs

Windows Stateful GUI v0.6

XL710 Statless performance

WLC benchmark using plugins

TRex performance trend per platform/NIC

TRex performance SR_IOV

For Developers

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Stateless server RPC specification

Scapy server RPC specification

How to build


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TRex community

Report a defect

Cisco TRex Devnet community